Last week I was watching the GAC Top 20 Countdown and heard a new song. They don’t play it on Country radio. It is a new song by some old friends, Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers.

WAIT! Don’t tune out!

I have always loved those two. They make beautiful music.

But this song stopped me in my tracks and made me weep.

And it did it because it is true.

We can make new friends every day, and that is a wonderful gift.

But those old friends that know us intimately we can’t make again.

It is true. It is beautiful. It is moving. It wrecked my heart.

And it made me realize that I need to make sure that my old friends know just how important they are to me.

I love you all – you know who you are. I am so grateful for you and the place that you have in my life.

Take the time to tell your friends what they mean to you.

Because “You Can’t Make Old Friends.”