Have you ever worried about the upcoming generation of girls and what life is and will be like for them as they continue to grow and mature?

I know I have.

That is part of the reason I spend an enormous amount of time coaching and loving on fifth through eighth grade girls through Jr. Comets Cheerleading. These young girls need to be taught what it means to embrace who they are created to be and love themselves. They need to be taught how to encourage and love one another in a way that runs counter to all the world tries to tell them every day. They need to be taught how to respect others, particularly other girls and women, even when they don’t see eye to eye with them. They need to be shown the love of Christ, and if that can happen through my arms, I am glad.

Recently, I have encountered and become part of another way to encourage and teach young girls. It is called the Shine Movement. This is the dream of Deedra Mager, with help from a friend of mine, Megan Hall. I am excited about this movement and what great things the Lord will do in the lives of the girls who participate.

The website has this to say about Shine Movement:

Every girl wants to shine. Little girls dream of singing, dancing, acting, or modeling. However, the world’s definition of shining can often lead to heartbreak, chaos, and broken lives. The stories of most Hollywood child stars demonstrate that.

The Shine Movement hopes to assist young girls with their dreams of shining by teaching them about inner beauty, purity, godliness, modesty, and confidence. The main avenue of teaching will be through a two-day conference.

Shine Movement is a fun and interactive event that merges dance training and performance with biblical teachings and activities that promote godliness and purity in this generation.

This two-day conference reaches out to tween girls (ages 10 to 14). Girls will learn choreography and have the opportunity to dance onstage alongside Christian artists and performers. Break-out sessions will challenge the girls to walk more closely with God as we study what it means to glorify Him with our talents and lives.

Older teenage girls (ages 15 to 18) are invited to attend as mentors for the younger girls. While the tweens are in the dance sessions, the mentors will train to assist in the break-out sessions, with the hopes that mentors will continue leading the younger generation in their own churches and hometowns.

While Shine Movement is kicking off its inaugural tour this summer, it has lived in the heart of founder Deedra Mager for several years. In the summer of 2013, the Lord arranged a set of circumstances that allowed Deedra to begin pursuing the dream of launching Shine Movement. She shared her vision with friend Megan Hall, and the two were ready to start an adventure and encourage girls to SHINE for God!

Everyone can get involved with helping the Shine Movement take off and become a reality. How? The first two-day conference is coming up November 8-9, 2013 at the Greenville Free Methodist Church. You can:

  • Visit the website, www.shinemovement.org, to find out more about the movement.
  • Help fund the first two-day conference by making a donation here.
  • Spread the word by sharing the Facebook page on your Facebook Timeline.
  • Invite any and all girls you know, ages 10-18, to attend the conference. They can register online now!
  • Pray for the movement – from the planning going on for this first conference to the conference itself and beyond.

This is just one of the ways that we can stop worrying and wondering about the next generation and do something to assist the Lord in raising up the next generation of women to love and serve Him.

Let’s help them Shine!