Last night, I made stuffed peppers for dinner. Yum!

The thing is, I am the only one in my family that maintains a vegan diet. So I have to make two kinds. But I don’t want to follow two recipes.

So I used theirs. And made mine up as I went.

Instead of sausage, I used chopped mushrooms. And then added some navy beans. And that was the only difference between the two “sets” of peppers.

And I don’t know (because I didn’t try theirs), but I would guess that mine were better. 🙂

That is the kind of cook that I am, I follow recipes somewhat, but if I see improvements or adjustments or substitutions that need to be made, I just do it. And fortunately for my family, it usually works great.

That is kind of what my workout life has been lately, too. Making it up as I go.

I got injured about three weeks ago and haven’t been able to run (AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!). For the first two weeks I couldn’t do anything because even walking throughout the day hurt.

That sidelined my plan to run my third marathon this fall, which sidelined my workout plan (a.k.a. training schedule).

So when I started working out again at the end of last week, it was my HIIT workout and walking only. And only every other day because I was still fighting the injury.

But that has made me re-focus my plans for the fall.

I have a new plan. And it may or may not look exactly like I think it will right now, but that’s ok, because life is all about adjusting to what comes and making improvements and substitutions as needed.

Kind of like my cooking.

What is your plan for caring for your body this fall?