June is one of my most loved and loathed months of the year. Why? Because I swear that summer is going to be so much more laid back than the school year and then June happens. And June is anything but laid back.

  • Church camp the first week of June for the youngest kid.
  • Family camp the second week of June for all of us (except Mike who still has to work :().
  • Church camp the third week of June for the oldest kid. Basketball camp for the youngest.
  • Working at basketball camp all week for me, while also doing my job.
  • FCA camp for the oldest the fourth week of June. And FCA camp for me, too, where  I partner with a friend to do the cheer portion. Again, while doing my job when I am not at camp.
  • Throw in baseball games for Ty, junior high cheerleading for Anne, concerts for me (because my loving, amazing husband bought me a country mega-ticket for all the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater country shows this summer), overtime for Mike, and the other miscellaneous commitments and you can see why I feel the way I do about June!

Don’t get me wrong, I love all of these things. They are fun, have purpose, and I am glad we do them, but I will also be glad when things slow down a bit in July before my cheerleading season starts up again.

I want to lay on a raft in the pool. I want to read on my front porch. I want to work in my yard. I want to have a clean house again.

But I want to continue to make memories with and for my kids. Both the fun and crazy kind, and the laid back, hanging out with family kind. And  I think we are doing it.

I am curious, does your June look like mine? Are you hoping for more laid back days of summer?