One of the most beautiful things in the world is the sun breaking through the clouds after a storm.


And that is what I am feeling like right now.

For anyone who has suffered with depression, you know that there are times that are better and times that are worse. I have been in a pretty bad storm battling this latest round of severe depression. But there seems to be some lifting, some breaking through that is happening these last couple of weeks.

I can explain that just about as well as I can explain why the clouds come in the first place – not at all – but I am so glad to be seeing some light.

I haven’t been able to read. Knitting and crocheting haven’t been bringing me joy. My couch and television have been about as exciting as it gets. Motivation to do anything has been non-existent.

Now though, something is changing. I am not saying it is all better, and who knows how long it will last, but I am getting out of bed with more spring in my step. I have been working on a couple of knit/crochet projects again. I have started a couple of projects at home. I am motivated to workout more and eat better. All of this feels like light breaking through the clouds for me, and I am very grateful for that.

I know some of it is eating better and working out more, but something had to change in me for that to even happen. Some of it is hope. A medical condition I have had forever and known about for 10 years may be contributing and I just started a new treatment that may help. But mostly I believe that I can give the credit for the light breaking through to my Lord. He is faithful. He is healer. He is strength in my weakness. He is in the business of answering prayers. And boy have I been praying for deliverance, relief, and healing.

You may not be battling depression, but maybe you are struggling through something else. Don’t give up praying. Don’t lose hope. Relief will come. Answers will come. It doesn’t come in our timing, but it does come in God’s timing. And praise God for that!