This week I started three, count ’em, three new challenges.

  1. The Runner’s World Run Streak – Run (at least) one mile per day from Memorial Day through July 4.
  2. Bikini Body Mommy 90-day challenge. (Find more info here.)
  3. Biggest Loser

Now, I have been running regularly for a number of years now, and very regularly for the last two. I lift twice a week and even walk some. I do some ab work, yoga, and even some general conditioning-type stuff. And I feel pretty good about it. Or I did until Wednesday and Thursday rolled around.

The running is no biggie.

The eating well is not a problem.

This Bikini Body Challenge – holy cow! The workout is high intensity interval training (HIIT). And boy is it!

After one day I kept questioning myself, “I thought I was in shape. How can this workout have been so hard?”

After two days, I could barely walk and stand from a sitting position. And I really thought I was in shape!

It’s not that I am not in shape, it is really that this workout is so different from normal and uses different muscles than I am used to using. And that is a good thing! Because of that I will burn more calories and tone those areas that don’t get as much work.

But in the meantime all I have to say is, “ouch!”

Have you started any new challenges for the summer? Why not try something a little different from your normal? You’ll be glad you did!