I spent this last Sunday morning in one of my favorite places, The LOFT, with some of my favorite people, the Kids Church kids. We did lots of singing, some Bible trivia and some review of the memory verses from the last 9 months.

Can I just brag for a minute?

These kids are AMAZING!!!

Last fall we memorized Ephesians 6:10-18, all about putting on the Armor of God. They still knew it!

This winter we talked about being the light of the world and they spouted off John 1:5 like it was yesterday we learned it.

This spring we spent a few weeks on The Three Trees and memorized John 15:5. They still have it!

And Mrs. Kessinger had re-taught them Who We Are In Christ, a compilation of scriptural truths about who God has made us. They know it.

Then, when we did the Bible trivia, some Old Testament and some New Testament – they didn’t miss a beat! They even knew that Methuselah was the oldest person in the Bible and that we really don’t know that there were three wise men and they could have visited Jesus sometime during his first two years of life!

These kids have hidden and are continually hiding God’s Word in their hearts. They have taken the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God, and are ready to use it at any time.

I am impressed. I am blessed. I am in awe. And I am proud of them.

They humble me.

Yes, I am older, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be memorizing scripture still. Yes, they are being taught to do that, but I already know it’s value.

Why am I not as good at purposely hiding God’s Word in my heart?

Because it’s hard. Because it takes me more effort to memorize. Because I don’t make the time to do it. I can think of lots of excuses why I am not doing it.

But instead of thinking up excuses, I need to be memorizing.

I have a list of some scriptures that I am going to print out and put up in various places around my house and in my office. Then, as I go about my day, there will be no excuse that I don’t have time. I can read through one and work on memorizing it while I am doing other things. I mean, really, I am an amazing multi-tasker, what’s adding one more thing? 🙂

How about you? Are you doing enough hiding these days? How can you do more?