There are certain things I know, but for some reason I don’t always do them.

Things like:

  • Eating well makes me feel better.
  • Exercising every day makes me feel better.
  • Keeping busy makes me feel better.
  • When I feel better, I cook, and thus eat well.
  • When I feel better, I am more motivated to exercise.
  • When I feel better, I am more likely to keep busy.

It’s a good cycle to be doing these things, but in the midst of life, sometimes I forget and instead I eat like crap, only do minimal exercise, and lay around on my couch.

I broke the bad cycle this week and forced myself into the good one.

What a difference a few days makes!

I have had more energy, fewer cravings for unhealthy food, cooked actual healthy meals for my family, enjoyed getting up to exercise, and even got up one morning on my own without meeting anyone!

It is so hard to take that first step into the healthy cycle. And I have been trying for weeks (months?) to get there again only to fail day after day. I don’t know what changed this week. I don’t know why it worked this time and not the previous (million) times. But I am glad I tried just one more time and found some success. I needed that this week.

Now to keep it going…

What healthy cycle do you need to get back into? Are you ready to try again? Go for it!!!