I’m in a funk. Life is crazy busy. I’m fighting a major depression episode. I am trying to exercise, but am doing good to get up to do so two days a week (which I realize isn’t terrible, but when I am used to 5-6 days a week and a lot more mileage, this feels like failure). I am trying to eat well, but some days I just don’t. My clothes are tight and I know how to fix it, but can’t seem to do so these days.

I have been constantly thinking about what I need to do and determining to do the right and good thing, but it seems like I fail every day.

Our community is doing The Biggest Loser again. I had great success doing that two years ago. Not so much last year. A friend of mine is leading it and asked me to consider being a team leader. I told her no. Another friend is helping her and has been talking about joining a team. I told her I had no desire to do so.

Yesterday, as I was at home with a sick child, it occurred to me that perhaps I should take on a team. Maybe focusing on helping others will help me climb out of my funk. So I sent a text to my friend and she signed me up. And both friends have signed up for my team. We’ll see who else joins us.

I don’t know that this is the answer, but I have learned that when certain ideas hit me as hard as this one did, I need to sit up and take notice because it is often a prompt from the Lord to take action in a certain way.

So, I guess I am going to listen to this prompt and see if we can bring an end to this funk that I am in.

Want to join my team?