When I got up this morning, today looked just like every other day; one to get through. It was laid out to be a typical day filled with exercise, getting kids to school, going to work, going to an appointment, going to meetings, getting kids from school, taking them to church, getting them to bed and trying to accomplish something along the way.

But at that first appointment of the day, something unexpected happened.


Did anything change in my circumstances? Nope.

Did anything get better than it has been? Nope.

Did I get a promise that anything will change? Nope.

But I got hope that something might change because one person said one thing that no one else had said to me before, and that one thing made sense and gave me a sense that there may be some explanation and help for a particular issue I have been dealing with for quite some time.

Hope. In an unexpected place. In an unexpected way.

I pray that those who need it may find some unexpected hope today. Just like I did.