It happens every time.

I train and train for a race, I look forward to being able to run and workout on whatever schedule I choose because I am tired of being tied down to a training schedule, I finish the race, and then I need to get back on a schedule to stay consistent.

It is a never-ending cycle.

And it is happening again.

I don’t have a schedule, and subsequently, I don’t have much motivation.

That’s normal after a long race. I need a couple of weeks to recover and remember that I really do love to run.

But in this cold weather, I can’t seem to remember that. My bed is so warm and outside is so cold. And I hate treadmills, especially since I don’t have one at home and would have to go out in the cold to get to one.

And it is okay. For now. It won’t last too much longer and I will soon be hitting the pavement again. Know why? I want to run. I miss it. I can feel my body aching for it. And going a week between runs isn’t going to keep me satisfied.

Not to mention I have a plan. Not a training schedule per se (yet), but a plan.

  • I have set my next weight loss goal (with a time-frame).
  • I have decided I want to add walking back into my workout schedule.
  • I have set a time in which I would like to finish the Mini Indy (1/2 Marathon) when I run it in May.

I can’t reach any of those goals by staying in my warm bed. I can’t reach any of those goals without some kind of schedule.

So for today, I stayed in my bed. And I may do it tomorrow, too. But soon, very, very soon, You’ll see me back on the road. Even if it means I am wearing 4 layers of clothing so I don’t freeze to death.

What are your goals and how are you going to reach them?