I am not a fan of waiting.

I don’t like waiting in line. I get frustrated waiting for my kids and husband to move. And waiting on someone else to finish what they are supposed to do so I can do my job, well, don’t get me started.

I am a go-getter. If I see that it needs to be done, I do it. If I know I am supposed to do something, I want to get it done.

So, waiting for something that I know is supposed to happen bugs me.

But I also am aware that when it comes to God’s call and timing, I am not the one in charge. And it has become a learning point for me over the last several years to wait on Him.

As I was reading from Love Does by Bob Goff last night, I ran across this paragraph that does a pretty good job of describing me.

I think God passes by me a lot, and it serves to show me the direction He’s going. We don’t always know where He’s headed or what to expect along the way. But I think direction is the point, the part, and whole of it. He wants followers, not just onlookers or people taking notes. Plus, I think God knows that if I found out more than just the direction He was going, I’d probably try to beat Him there. And if He spoke to me with something audible, I’d probably mess it up and mishear Him.

So I continue to wait for His next move. His next direction-giving moment in my life. Even though I get tired of waiting.

Is waiting easy for you?