It’s a new year. 2013. Remember when the year 2000 seemed like a huge deal?

Resolutions have been made. Some have already been broken. Hope is high for changes of all kinds.

At least it was yesterday.

Today we are back at work and back to whatever it is that makes up our “reality.”

For some it may be what feels like a dead-end job. For some it may be the snooze button on the alarm clock instead of getting up to exercise. For some it may be the fast-food burger instead of healthy salad. For some it may be overdue bills and creditor calls. For some it may be a marriage on life-support. For some it may be doctors and hospitals.

For most of us it is not exactly what we pictured our reality would be when we were growing up.

But no matter what it is, we have a choice: let our circumstances rule us, or let our faith buoy us in the midst of our circumstances.

Instead of lamenting about a job you hate, look for ways to love the people you work with just like Christ loves you.

Instead of beating yourself up about not exercising or eating right, choose to start again right now and pray for help.

Instead of worrying about bills, make sure you are not holding too tightly to your money and are giving to the Lord.

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself in your marriage, start working to show your spouse how much you love them, without expecting anything in return.

Instead of sitting alone in waiting rooms, strike up conversations with others who need to be shown hope.

How we respond to our reality shows what our true character is. And I want my character to be defined as Christ-like. I may not be happy with my day-to-day reality, but I won’t let circumstances rule my life. I will choose faith. I will choose hope. I will choose love.

What will you choose today?