For anyone who watches what they eat and spends regular time exercising, there are times of struggle.

And one of the biggest times comes over the next week.

Extra candy, cookies, and other assorted “fattening” foods abound during this holiday week.

It’s no wonder most people make a New Year’s Resolution to eat better, exercise more, or lose weight.

But rather than look back and feel disgusted with ourselves, why not look ahead and make a key decision now.

It’s okay to have a little “treat” over the holidays. It is not okay to have the whole package.

Give yourself permission to have one or two of your favorite cookies. But then put the lid on the container and stop. Make that choice.

I’m going to let myself have a piece of KFC Extra Crispy chicken on Christmas Eve. But I am not going to eat a whole bucket.  Nor am I going to desert my vegan eating habits for the entire week because of one piece of chicken.

If you can’t continue in your “regular” exercise pattern because of being out-of-town, or family being around, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything. Fire up the Wii and play Just Dance with your family. Take a walk together one afternoon. Do something to stay active.

I don’t really get a choice over my vacation. I’m still training and my longest run has to be run so I can make sure I am ready for our race in 3 weeks.

Don’t make the holidays something you will regret come January 2. Enjoy your friends, family, a little rest and some good food. Just think further than the moment as you go through the holiday.

What’s your favorite holiday food that is hard to resist?