I have a confession to make. I love Amy Grant. To those of you who know me, that’s not a confession, it’s just an assumed part of my DNA.

And part of the reason I love her so much is her first Christmas album, A Christmas Album. I know that album inside out. I love every song. I sang Emmanuel with a group of friends at the church I grew up in. My sister Steph and I sang Heirlooms more times than I can count. I wanted to move to Tennessee so I could really have a Tennessee Christmas. It was the first Christmas album played every year. There is just something about it  that I love.

One of my favorite songs has always been Emmanuel/Little Town. And I have always wanted to sing it.

And last night at the Yuletide Celebration, my friend Tina and I got the chance! The song is so 80’s. The track held that true 80’s sound. And I loved every minute of it. It was so fun to sing. It was so fun to remember my “first love” of Christmas albums (and Amy Grant). I just have one regret. Cardboard Amy didn’t sing with us. Because we didn’t think of it. (Yes, there is a cardboard cut-out of Amy that circulates around the office at various times.)

So, here they are, two of my all-time favorite songs (I can’t find a video that houses them both). Enjoy! And why don’t you share some of your favorite, memory-laden, Christmas songs with me?