So I kind of missed blogging last week. Completely. Monday got away from me. Wednesday I just didn’t have time to flesh out what was on my mind. And Friday I was with a friend at the hospital all day.

And here it is Monday again. November is upon us. Daylight Savings Time has ended.

How is it that this happens so fast?

Last November, I encouraged you in this post to practice Thanksgiving. I practiced it by posting daily on Facebook what I was thankful for each day.

This year, I wanted to do something different. I wanted to make sure that my whole family was practicing being grateful. So we created the “Wall of Thanks.”

Okay. So it’s not really a wall. It’s my bedroom door. But it works. Each day in November, Mike, the kids and I are writing something that we are thankful for on a post-it note and adding it to the wall. We even got our small group involved last night and they added their own post-it notes. It’s looking so colorful and fun, and I am thoroughly enjoying reading what my family comes up with each day – from sweet to funny (family to bathrooms). The kids are enjoying it so much, they are doing it first thing in the morning when they wake up!

So, once again, I encourage you to find a way to be grateful every day of November. You’ll be amazed at how much it changes your outlook!