This summer and fall have been CRAZY. And yes, I mean that in an all-caps kind of way. We haven’t had much down time at all, which really means we haven’t had much family time at all. Yes, I got to spend every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday evening and Saturday all day with Anne because of cheer leading, but that isn’t what I would call quality mother/daughter time, unless you are counting all 30+ of the “daughters” I was hanging out with. 🙂

Friday night and Saturday were the first in months with no commitments whatsoever. And it was lovely. And boring. And just what I needed.

Friday night we ordered pizza and started a card game of Hand and Foot with the kids. Saturday we finished it. We had a ball. I can’t remember the last time we sat down to play a game together.

For a long time we had a weekly family game night, but in the chaos of life we lost it. And until we sat down to play Friday night, I am not sure any of us realized just how much we had missed it.

So Saturday we all agreed and declared the return of our weekly Family Game Night every Monday. It’s back on.

And my favorite part? I got a text from Anne as I was on my way home Sunday evening from a staff outing. It said, “When u get home can we play 1 hand of hand and foot?”

Needless to say, we did, just to get a jump-start on this evening’s game.

We won’t talk about how Friday and Saturday’s game ended. But last night, Anne and I set ourselves up nicely as we look forward to finishing the game tonight. 🙂

If you don’t have specific time set aside to have fun with your family on a regular basis. Do it. Set it up. You won’t be sorry.

If you do a regular family fun night, what is it?