We started Goofy training this week. Two days of running 2 miles to the Annex to lift, and 2 miles back. Added hills the second time. A 7-miler on Wednesday. Four miles plus yoga today (in anticipation of Isaac rolling through tomorrow morning and preferring sleep to running in the rain). All that is left of week one is 10 miles on Sunday. Probably a soggy 10 miles on Sunday.

It has been rough. And¬† slow for me. And I was struggling to figure out why until I logged into dailymile and realized that my last long run was 10 miles on July 29. It has been a month since I ran any lengthy distance because of illness that kept me tired, nauseated, and with a headache for nearly two months, that got so bad at the end of July I just couldn’t do it anymore. So I have struggled through the runs. I have been in pain from running and lifting.

But I haven’t quit. Not once have I stopped to walk this week, even when everything in me was screaming for me to do so. Even when my legs would barely pick up off the ground. Even 3/4 of the way up the hills when I couldn’t breathe.

And you know what? Even tired and spent at the end of the workouts I was smiling. You know why? Because I’m back. Because I finished. Because it felt good to conquer again. Even with the pain. Maybe because of the pain. Because it reminded me that I am stronger than what I feel. I am able to do more than my mind tries to tell me I can sometimes. Even when I am still not feeling 100%, I can still do it. I can push through the pain.

And that reminder is what I needed this week. I got this. And through training, God’s hand of protection and provision, and some amazing partners, Goofy will happen.

Whatever you are going through – diet changes, exercise plans, work struggles, family issues – just remember: you got this.