This has been a rough week. Some medicine changes have me all messed up. It has made me tired. It has made me crave the crappy food that I haven’t craved for a couple of months. It has made me want to skip my workouts.

And while I did eat a couple of snicker doodles this week, for the most part I persevered.

When I didn’t sleep at all Sunday night, I still got up and did yoga on Monday.

When I wanted to eat everything in the house a couple of different nights, I grabbed an apple or some celery and (natural) peanut butter.

As my family sprinkled cheese all over their spaghetti and I craved that melty goodness the other night, I focused on the amazing flavor of the homemade spaghetti sauce we were dining on. (Side note: I made the exact same spaghetti sauce two weeks ago and my kids whined because they didn’t like it. This time, I used the stick blender on it and they couldn’t see the green pepper, zucchini, etc. in it and they raved about how wonderful it was. You can get your kids to eat vegetables, you just have to trick them sometimes.)

Today, after another less than stellar night of sleep, I wanted nothing more than to roll over and go back to sleep when the alarm went off at 4:51. But I got up anyway and am so glad that I did. Even though I am sitting here writing this in clothing that is completely soaked with sweat. Even though, by 2:00 this afternoon I may wish I could take a nap. Even though my muscles will be sore from the weights workout. By getting up when I didn’t want to and pushing through a workout I wasn’t sure I had it in me to do, I learned more about myself and the fact that I can push beyond the feelings of the moment and feel better about it on the other side.

And if I can do it, you can to.

Push through something hard today just to remind yourself that you can. Whether it be food, exercise, attitude, or something else. Just push through. You’ll be glad you did.