As I was doing my devotions last night I was struck by one of the readings (found in A Guide to Prayer for All Who Seek God). Here it is:

During one of the unfortunate wars between India and Pakistan, an Indian army officer was captured and kept incommunicado in Karachi till the end of the war, when he was set free, came back to India and told his experience. During his captivity, he said, he was allowed to read newspapers and listen to the radio, but, of course, only Pakistani newspapers and radio stations. Accordingly he heard and read day by day news of  the war which said repeatedly that India was losing on all fronts, and was about to be defeated. That was all the information he had. And yet, as he himself told when he was free in India recollecting his past captivity, he refused to believe even then that his country was losing, and was sure in his heart, in spite of all the constant propaganda to the contrary, that India was winning the war all along. And that was the fact. India was winning, and in a few days obtained the final victory that forced the peace. The experience of the gallant officer, when I read it in the press, gave me an example of how faith works in us…if only we too are proud of our heavenly citizenship, and gallant patriots of the Kingdom. All the information we receive is adverse and contrary to our beliefs. The Enemy is winning. Honesty does not pay, to tell the truth only creates problems, violence always gets the upper hand, and goodness has no place left in this troubled world. Those are the news we read and hear day by day and hour by hour. The Kingdom is being defeated, and there is no hope of victory. And yet, in our heart of hearts, we know that that is not true. In spite of all the enemy propaganda we know deep down in our conscience that the Kingdom is winning, that truth prevails, that honesty pays, and Jesus is King. This is heavenly patriotism, which is divine faith. Let us wait in joyful patience for the final news, and when victory comes we will tell our experience.
–From Faith for Justice by Carlos G. Valles

I was blown away by this for many reasons. How often do we believe the lies of society about ourselves–we aren’t good enough, we aren’t pretty enough, we don’t have it all together like that person–instead of the truth of who we are in Christ–we are more than conquerors, we are His beloved, His strength is made perfect in our weakness? The same can be said for what is reported to us regularly that Christianity is on the decline in the United States. When we hear this and believe it, do we tend to then say it doesn’t matter whether we share our faith or not because of the decline, instead of believing that God’s plan is for ALL to accept Him so that He can redeem them and that our God is victorious?

As you think about this idea, are there lies that you are believing instead of having faith in the Truth of God’s Words? I encourage you to ask for God’s discernment in those areas so that you can see the truth of who God is and who you are in Him.