If I am perfectly honest, today I don’t have much. I have been kind of blah for the last few days. Maybe it is coming home from camp. Maybe it is that my parents just left for Alabama for another couple of months. Maybe it is that life has been too busy. Or maybe it is a combination of all of that and more, or something else altogether.

But I was reminded this week of a way to beat those blahs by a friend of mine who called and left a message on my voice mail at work. He said that every morning he tries to start the day off by thanking the Lord for His presence. He then asks the Lord to help him remember people who have been a special encouragement or blessing to him. That particular day he remembered something specific that I had done for him that helped him when he was feeling pretty blah himself, so he called to tell me thank you for that action and those words that I had shared with him. Needless to say, I was blessed and I saved that message to listen to occasionally.

So that is my challenge for me and for you today. Thank the Lord for His presence. Then ask Him to help you remember someone who has been a special encouragement or blessing to you. It could be something that happened yesterday, last week, or last year. But don’t stop there. Call that person. Send them an e-mail. Write them a note of thanks. Do something to acknowledge the fact that they are a special gift from God to you.

I bet when you do that, the blahs will disappear.