My head is all over the place today and I can’t seem to come up with a whole blog’s worth of any one idea. That means that you get a glimpse into my head today.

  1. School is out! Report cards were picked up this morning. I have been thinking for weeks about the plan that I need to come up with for my kids and what they will do every day now that they are hanging at home. I have ideas about time for cleaning, reading, Summer Bridge books, games, cooking, experiments, etc., and yet, today has come (and nearly gone) and I still have nothing down on paper (although I do have some great ideas pinned on Pinterest). What are your kids doing this summer? Anything I can incorporate into my plan – if and when I get to typing it out?
  2. Tonight is the last night of “craziness” that has been going on in our house for the last four weeks. I am so looking forward to actually being able to cook real meals for my family again beginning tomorrow evening. Got any good, healthy recipes for me to try?
  3. Sometimes all you need is good food, good conversation and a good pedicure with a good friend and life gains all kinds of perspective. There is something about sitting in a massaging chair with someone working on your feet for an hour or so that energizes your body. And then to sit over a meal, talking to a friend on a deep level about life – from fears to dreams to desires to failures – and knowing that they not only are listening to your words, but hearing your heart as well, energizes your soul. If you haven’t done something along those lines lately, take the time – make the time – to do so.
  4. I love new ideas. I love thinking about them. I love planning out their execution. I love processing the details. I love doing the research to make it happen. And I even love making it happen. But there is always a point at which I get overwhelmed at all that will have to be done to make it happen. That’s where I am at in a project right now. The hardest part is starting. So I guess I better push through those overwhelming feelings and start.
  5. And just in case you wondered: 80 minutes of intense yoga, followed by a hilly bike ride, then an 11 mile run the next day, and another bike ride the day after that really makes for angry legs – even if you did just run a marathon a month ago.

Have a wonderful day, and may your head be less all over the place than mine today!!