Four and a half months. Two pairs of running shoes. 350 miles. Many gallons of water.  17 degrees to 75 degrees. 75 hours. Countless bananas, protein shakes, Powerade Zeros and electrolyte blocks. Two ice baths. One training partner. Three other running partners (and encouragers!). Two great books. One training plan. Two supportive kids. One supportive husband. And countless well-wishers.

Training is complete. I ran my last two miles Wednesday afternoon. It’s all over but the race. Sunday I will complete the cycle. 26.2 miles. And a sticker will be placed on my van to celebrate that.

I have my list of things to pack all typed up and ready.

I have a map for the hubby and kids to know which Metrolink stations they can ride to in order to cheer me on at various points in the race.

I have all the information I need for packet pick-up, hotel stay, etc., printed out and ready to go.

I am (trying) to watch carefully what I eat this week.

I am drinking lots of fluids this week.

I am (trying) to get good sleep every night.

I have my race morning plan in my head.

I am doing everything I know to do to be ready for race day.

I have done everything that I can do to be prepared for the race.

Now, I get to do it. And I am excited. I am not nervous. I am not fearful. I know that I have done the necessary training, both physically AND mentally to be ready. I have no doubt that I will cross that finish line. It will be hard, but it will be fun. I am looking forward to seeing more of St. Louis on foot. I am looking forward to a few hours with my race partner. I am looking forward to the people all around me running for the same goal. I am looking forward to celebrating with my family at the finish line. I am not looking forward to another ice bath, but I am looking forward to feeling good after the race thanks to another ice bath.

And I am looking forward to what that Lord will be teaching me throughout the next few days. He has taught me much about the power of perseverance, the power of my mind, the power of friendships, and the power of consistent training over the last few months, and I am sure race day will hold even more truths that come from Him.

If you think of me over the next few days, particularly on Sunday, your prayers would be greatly appreciated. I will be glad to report on Monday that I have completed my goal of finishing a full marathon in 2012!

What is the Lord teaching you these days? Are you prepped and ready to hear from Him anytime, anywhere?