Lately I have been bombarded with the idea of changing the way I think.

Three different books, as well as some Scripture, have been pounding this idea to me over and over.

The marathon training book I have been reading each week (The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer) is constantly talking about how the psychological game is just as important, if not more so, than the physiological one. It has given me ideas about how to approach tough runs, long runs, distractions, and so much more by changing my perspective and the way that I think about it. And it works. On Wednesday this week I had a terrible run. I felt sluggish, slow, and didn’t feel like I could finish, but I made the decision that my body was able to do it and I wasn’t quitting until it was done. And guess what? I finished.

The book I am reading with my friend, Tina, (The Me I Want to Be) has also been talking about our mind and how we need to change how we think if we want to change ourselves. My favorite line is this, “You cannot get rid of the skunk odor without getting rid of the skunk.” He goes on to talk about how we need to monitor our thoughts so that we can reset them to a better frequency, or in another example he uses, setting the thermostat to create a target climate. “It is a constant process, but the goal is for the system to create a life-giving climate.” We don’t choose to stop thinking negative thoughts, but rather we choose to “set our minds on those thoughts that equip us for life.” Our thought life has enormous power over us, and we can choose how that power is used.

Then, in the book I am reading just for fun (Mile Markers) I ran across this quote last night:

So, now you can see why rewiring the mind is on my mind these days. I guess I need to keep working on that.

What ways do you need to rewire your mind?