Today is March 1 – the beginning of my birthday month. I will be 38 in 24 days. That means in two years I will be 40. Yikes! How did that happen? Where did the time go? I mean, I knew that I entered grown-up land a number of years ago, but as a kid, 40 seemed sooooooo old. And here I am, sooooooo close to it.

You know what else I didn’t realize? That at the age of 37 11/12, I would be learning as much, if not more, about life and about myself as I was as a child, teenager and 20-something.

  • Who knew that I would learn in my 30’s that I could push my body to new limits and run 7 half-marathons?
  • Who knew that I would be able to push past even that to train for a full marathon – and feel good about it?
  • Who knew that in my late 30’s I would add a new piece to my identity – runner?
  • Who knew that I could change my whole view of food and exercise and subsequently lose 50 pounds and go down 3-4 clothing sizes in less than a year?
  • Who knew that God would call me to vocational ministry in my 30’s?
  • Who knew that He would grow a desire in me to read more and more non-fiction books (since I have always been a fiction kind of gal) that would teach me so much about Him, and life, and myself?
  • Who knew that He would also grow a desire in me to meet with various people – one on one and in groups – to spur one another on to more learning (and more questions which prompt more learning) on a regular basis?

I could go on an on about the ways that I am learning from God, from books, from friends. I could go on and on about what I am learning about who God is, about who I am in Christ, about running, about ministry, about friendship, about weight loss, about health, about God’s love and provision and grace. (And I haven’t even touched what I learn about marriage and parenting on a regular basis!)

We often think we finish school and we stop learning. But that is really our choice. We can stop learning. Or we can continue to learn. We can open up our eyes to everyday things that teach us. We can read. We can ask questions. We can search things out.

I don’t know about you, but I really like knowing that I don’t know it all – even about myself – and there is more to learn. Bring it on!

What are you learning these days?