This morning I am thinking about the little lies we tell ourselves.

Here is the context.

When I run, there are some days when it is easier than others. Some days I push harder than others. Some days just plain stink. But it doesn’t matter which of these is true for me to lie to myself. I may tell myself that if I could just get to the stop sign, then I could walk, knowing full well that when I get to the stop sign I won’t let myself walk. And there are a couple of hills that kick my butt every time, but instead of them being my nemesis, I convince myself that they are my friend and we are just running along together. I’m still struggling at the top of the hill, so it hasn’t changed anything at all except my ability to push myself through that tough spot. Probably the best one that I tell myself is when I am in bed –  that when I get up and go for a run, it will be easy. But it’s never easy to start. And yet, these things I tell myself, that some other part of my brain totally knows aren’t true, work. They help me push through the tough stuff, they convince me to keep going. It blows my mind that it actually works.

Sometimes I tell myself lies in other areas, too. Even though my stomach is growling and I want to eat everything in sight, I tell myself I am not hungry and can wait for lunch. 🙂

As a fun Thursday post, I am curious what lies you tell yourself throughout the day, just to get through. Yes, there are some lies we tell ourselves that aren’t good and may actually be detrimental to ourselves, but those aren’t the ones I am concerned about today.

What sweet little lies do you tell yourself?

(And yes, I am totally singing “Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies. Tell me lies, tell me, tell me lies” in my head thanks to the title of this post. So if you are singing it now and need to hear the whole song, here it is.)