I am reading a book (surprise, surprise!) called Mile Markers by Kristin Armstrong, and I love it. I keep finding little gems in it that translate into many areas of my life, not just running. Last night it was this one:

We Need Each Other

I love it and it is so true! We do need each other. We don’t live in isolation and we shouldn’t. Each of us brings something different to the table and because of that we can help one another to do things that we couldn’t do on our own. This is true for our faith, raising children, running, the stuff of everyday life and so much more. Each of us brings different perspectives to life. We bring different personalities, different thought processes, different strengths, different weaknesses. We need each other to help talk and think through issues of life and faith. We need each other to open doors to us that we might not open ourselves. We need community.

This is why I run with friends. This is why I meet every Sunday with a small group. This is why I meet with a close friend to study a book weekly. This is why I meet twice a month with another friend for lunch. This is why I meet with a Virtual Community Group monthly.

We need each other. We can’t do it on our own. So, today, spend some time being thankful for the community around you and maybe even specifically thank those who you count on most. And if you don’t have community, I encourage you to find it. Ask your church about joining a small group. Reach out to someone you have been wanting to get to know and ask them to lunch. Find a family that you can plan a monthly play date with.

What does your community look like?