Back on January 30, I challenged you to do something special for your spouse (or child, or friend) for each of the first 14 days of February. Now I want to know how it went. Here are the things I did for Mike:

  • February 1: Sent a special text message thanking him for taking such good care of our family, even when it means doing some things he doesn’t really want to do.
  • February 2: Bought him a bag of sugar-free York Peppermint Patties – one of his favorites in the regular version – since we are on a sugar fast.
  • February 3: Left a note on his pillow with a special scripture and prayer I prayed just for him. (He told me that this was his favorite thing I did.)
  • February 4: I felt sick and wanted to go to bed very badly, but instead, I sat with him on the couch and watched basketball. 🙂
  • February 5: Left a note on his steering wheel.
  • February 6: Went to the store over my lunch hour to get Mike the hot dogs he wanted for dinner so he didn’t have to do it after being asleep all day.
  • February 7: Did not turn on my computer or check my phone all evening while I sat on the couch with him. (This is a BIG deal for me – I am BAD about doing this all the time.)
  • February 8: Left a note in his lunchbox.
  • February 9: Created an intimate encounter. (This was his second favorite. No surprise there!)
  • February 10: Took him on a date to the church’s Date Night Challenge.
  • February 11: Took him out to one of his favorite restaurants for dinner (without kids).
  • February 12: I was tired. I ran 16 miles. But instead of making him go to the store, I let him continue to lay on the couch and I went.
  • February 13: Today I thought ahead and actually bought a Valentine’s card for him. 🙂
  • February 14: Made him one of his favorite meals – meatloaf and orange gravy.

Some of these things were obvious and some were more subtle. Some were easy and some were hard. Sometimes he showed appreciation, and other times he didn’t. But no matter what, it was fun (and challenging) to think about doing something special for him every day, and made me more aware of him and trying to do things that he would enjoy, rather than what I would like. It even helped change my attitude on those days where I was tempted to be frustrated with him or a bit whiny and self-absorbed.

I decided every day is hard, and some days I just don’t have that much creativity, but I also decided that at least once a week I need to be thinking ahead and doing something intentional for him, so that is what I am planning to do!

What are your stories? What are some of your ideas? I would love to hear about them. Has this inspired you to keep going or set any other goals along these lines?