In the last two weeks it has been very evident that I haven’t had a lot of substantial ideas running around in my head because I haven’t been able to blog! I apologize to you, my readers, for being so inconsistent, and I promise to get better starting now. So, here comes another hodge podge of ideas that have been running around in my head.

  1. Giving truly is better than receiving. I have a wonderful husband who pretty much lets me have just about anything I want (within reason). He never asks for anything for himself, and says that he has all he needs. A number of years ago he traded in his truck so I could have a van. This week the Lord has provided an opportunity for me to bless him with a truck. Yes, it is old, it isn’t beautiful, but it is a truck (and it is a manual transmission – something he loved in his old truck), and he will be able to have it before deer season. I have had so much fun working out the details and figuring out ways that I can pay for the truck outside of our regular income, so that it truly can be a gift for him from me.
  2. When God opens the door to do something new and you walk through it willingly, He blesses it in multiple ways. When I started thinking about coaching the Jr. Comets cheerleaders, I knew it was a huge commitment but really felt like I was supposed to do it. Even in the midst of giving them every Tuesday and Thursday evening and 10-12 hours every Saturday for the last two months, not once have I felt overwhelmed. Not once have I wished I didn’t have to go. Not once have I wanted to quit. I have loved every minute of coaching, playing, cheering, and getting to know this wonderful group of girls. They have been eager learners, ready to try new things and listen to what I have to teach them. While I am looking forward to a little more free time after the next two weeks are over, I will miss spending time with these girls and will be counting down the days to next summer and fall when I get to do it all over again! Thanks to the Lord for His guidance, His help, and His blessing on this endeavor.
  3. I have been reading through Romans recently in my devotional time before bed. I’ve read it before, but I wanted to read it again. Wow. I have been bombarded by the richness of Paul’s words to the Romans over and over. The reminders of God’s faithfulness to us, His gift of grace, our responsibility to obey, and so much more. Last night it was chapter 6, verse 22 that really caught me, “But now that you have been set free from sin and have become slaves to God, the benefit you reap leads to holiness, and the result is eternal life.” It reminded me of a sermon my pastor preached early on in his time here about ear piercing. He told us how, in Old Testament times, when a slave was freed they could make a choice to stay with their master and when they did, the master would pierce their ears to show that they chose to stay. Christy Nockels has a song that really talks about this. Here is what she writes about the song:

07. My Master
My dad has been a pastor for as long as I can remember. One of my favorite messages that he used to share was from Exodus 21: 1-6. It’s about Hebrew slaves and the process they would go through with their masters after they had served their time. Basically, upon the 7th year, they could go free, or choose to stay. He would tell about the process of the Hebrew slave choosing to stay with their master, even after they were free to go. The slave would publicly go before the community and declare, “I love my master, I will not go free”. Then, their ear would be pierced, and the blood would signify a lasting covenant with their master…one made by choice and for all to hear. He beautifully tied this to our relationship with Jesus, our Master, and reminded us that the disciples often would call themselves “bond slaves” of Christ. We have a will, but when we choose to align ours with His, this brings true freedom and love like we’ve never known. After he shared this message one night, he felt led to have our church respond in a very unique way… That night many of us lined the aisles of that old church and took the hand of one of the leaders and publicly confessed, “I love my Master, I will not go free”. As a teen, that had a great impact on me as those words came from my heart and my mouth, and it still does to this day… Serving and calling Jesus “Master” doesn’t’ seem to be a real popular thing in this world to have rolling around in your vocabulary and in your everyday life. However, I am compelled to tell of the joy and freedom I have experienced in serving my Master. I will tell of His mighty ways, drawing near to Him and remembering what He has saved me from! Of this, I will forever sing!

You can take a listen to the song here. I included the lyrics below.

The day You heard my plea,
You looked right through me
You saw the pit I was in
And You came and pulled me out…

You set my feet upon a rock
And put a new song in my mouth
Then You called me Your own
And I’m never turning back

I love my Master, I will not go free…
I take Your name and live in liberty
My life is Yours forever
I’ll serve You faithfully
I love my Master, I will not go free…

You’re a love I’ve never known
And Your faithfulness has shown
No matter what I’m about
You always find me out

And You lovingly remain
Age to age the same
And for all of my days
I will tell of Your ways..Your mighty ways…

Covenant Keeper
You are, You are
Merciful, Kindness
You are, You are
Passionate Father
You are, You are
Lifeblood redeemer
You are…

For us, it seems foreign to talk about living in freedom and yet choosing to serve a Master, but in the Kingdom, there are many paradoxes that don’t seem to our eyes and our minds (that are so influenced by the culture in which we live) to be “right.” But, we are called to live in this world, but not be of it. We are called to live lives that are counter-cultural. So really, this is where it starts. Choosing to serve the Master.

What do you think?