This morning, as I reflect back over my weekend, I am thankful for the varied ways that we encounter life.

I spent Saturday morning with 34 girls, 4th through 7th grades, that make up the Jr. Comets Cheerleaders this year. I get the privilege of coaching these girls for the next three months, and I am excited about it. I have to admit, 34 pre-teen girls can sound pretty overwhelming, but after spending four hours with this crew, I am anticipating good things for this football season. These girls worked hard, even though it was hot. They listened, even when they were tired. And they played games to build teamwork, even when they didn’t understand what they were getting themselves into. And the parents, well, I can brag on them, too, as they brought way more food and drink than I asked for and were on-time and super-supportive of me and their girls on Saturday.

After a few hours of rest, we all met up again for a pool party. Here I got to have conversations with some of the cheer moms, as well as a couple other friends of mine. These conversations, though nothing spectacular, were a great pre-cursor to the conversations with other friends during our moonlight walk later that evening. The walking was good. The talking was great.

All the Saturday activities made for one tired Chrisy, so after church on Sunday morning, my couch was calling my name. And as lazy of a Sunday as it was, it was also a day of family. Playing with the kids, watching some sports and documentaries on TV together and talking about them, snuggling up under blankets and getting some amazing and sometimes hard-to-find family time was so rejuvenating for my soul. The day ended with kids taking turns playing Angry Birds on my phone and brushing my hair. A little bit of pampering for mommy that was very appreciated.

As I think about all this, I realize just how much we need different things at different times. And the Lord provides those for us. When I need to have hope, I spend a few hours with some girls who give me hope for a good football cheer season. When I need to have friends and conversation, those are provided. When I need rest and love, I get those in abundance. It would be easy to just go through the days (that we have planned out) and not see how God is providing and leading, but I am choosing to watch for Him and how He is at work in my life. Giving me what I need. Listening to my heart before I even speak. Guiding me through each day, even when it is hard. Trusting that I have much to watch for, listen for, and learn from.

How has God provided what you need lately?