It’s past Monday and time for another blog post. The only problem is, I don’t have anything big rolling around in my head today, just lots of little things, so here goes:

  1. Today I am thankful for good friends who love my kids. Particularly one friend who called up and offered (and made good on said offer) to take my kids swimming with her today. I love that and I love her.
  2. Over the weekend I got to spend some much needed time with my parents, middle sister, and her family. It was wonderful. On Sunday morning we had family worship at the campground and spent time singing together and sharing in a time of remembering God’s faithfulness to our family, beginning with my dad’s dramatic conversion when I was two and Steph was a baby. We have been immensely blessed by the Lord throughout the years and his faithfulness continues to be evident.
  3. It is frustrating when people you are depending on to fulfill a commitment let you down and don’t seem to put as much time and effort in as is needed. My hope is that I am never the source of that frustration for anyone else.
  4. Sometimes you just need a friend who understands exactly what you are going through to talk to in order to bring some clarity and a sense that you can make it through another day.
  5. Watching what you are eating while everyone around you is eating whatever they want is hard. Falling to temptation and joining everyone else in eating whatever you want is easy. Climbing back up on the wagon is easy when you feel physically terrible after eating whatever you want.

That’s what’s rolling around in my mind today. What’s rolling around in yours?