Some days, you just need to be encouraged. It could be because it seems nothing is going your way. It could be because you had a tough conversation with your boss. It could be because you had another fight with your spouse. It could be because your kids are acting like raging lunatics.

Or it could be because you have been working very hard to watch very carefully what is going into your mouth in the way of food, and you have been exercising your tail off (or at least trying to) and you woke up hungry and have been fighting the urge to eat anything and everything that would be considered unhealthy the entire day.

And sometimes, encouragement comes in the most unexpected, and yet amazingly helpful ways.

A daughter of one of the team members of Bacon Lovers (anonymous) made us this picture this week:

I loved it. It brought a smile to my face. But even more so, it brought an amazing amount of encouragement to my soul.

Whatever you are dealing with right now, I pray that you are encouraged in an unexpected way today.

And remember as you go through your day, you might be someone else’s unexpected encouragement.