A couple of weeks ago, I presented you all with an idea that I am working out in my mind about how to mix my love of knitting with a desire to bless people through knitting and prayer, all while not breaking the bank. (Read more about that here.)

Well, today I started a store (http://www.etsy.com/shop/princesschrisy) where I hope to begin making that happen. There I have listed two of my afghans and two of my mom’s afghans (she has the same desire that I do) for sale. The prices are set to cover the cost of the materials plus something for our time. Anything we make will be used to purchase more supplies to make things that will bless others.

Will you help us get the word out? If you or someone you know like something you see, but would like it in different colors, let us know, we can probably work on a custom item for you. Thanks for your help and support!