Today I am thinking about this verse:

8 Taste and see that the LORD is good;  Psalm 34:8a

You see, you can’t know something is good if you haven’t tried it. You don’t crave food you’ve never eaten before. We  have to test and try things out to know if it is good and once we have tried it and know that it is good,  then we will try it again.

Think about spring. Today (and the last few days) we here in south central Illinois are getting a pretty good taste of it. We haven’t had it in quite a while and we are hungry for it. As I type this I am sitting on my porch swing basking in the sound of my wind chimes and the voices of my children. Ahh. That’s good stuff. And this little taste isn’t going to be enough. I will want more.  But soon, the wind chimes and their voices won’t be enough. I’ll want to see new grass, and plants breaking through the ground. And then I’ll want to see the trees budding and the flowers blooming.

That’s how it should be with Jesus. Once we have “tasted” His presence we should want more of it. We should want to see how much more He has for us. How much bigger He is than we can even imagine. Once we know that He is good we should run to Him for everything we need. Yet so many times we don’t. Sometimes I wonder if we think what the world offers  tastes better, but what we  don’t get right up front is the bitter aftertaste it leaves. Or we don’t realize that what we pursue in the world won’t satisfy us the same way that the Lord can and will.

As I am praying today, I continue to ask the Lord to increase my hunger for Him, and to give me more and more tasty morsels of who He is, so that I desire not only Him but increasing amounts of His presence and glory manifested in my life. I want to always be wanting more.

How about you?