I have been thinking more on the idea of Confession that I blogged about last week. I wrote that after a day and evening of lots of thoughts flying around in my head and spending some time in a sort of pity party for myself. I had stuff on my mind and I wanted someone (namely my husband) to notice and ask, but he needed to go to bed and sleep for two hours before going to work so he didn’t notice, and I am both stubborn enough not to say anything and compassionate enough to know he needed sleep and I let it go. Kind of. Ok, so I guess I let him go to sleep, but I didn’t let it go. I instead sat down with my computer and just typed out all my frustration and the thoughts in my head until I was empty. Which brought me to the point of prayer and calm, but not peace.

A couple of days later (while still walking around and feeling weighted down) I had lunch with a friend and had a chance to talk some of those things out with a person instead of type them out on my computer. And then later that night I talked through some of those same things with my husband and received his care and comfort. Only then did I find peace. Only then did my heart and shoulders feel lighter as I truly confessed to some of the things that had been going on in my mind.

I found it amazing (although, I shouldn’t because God does these amazing things all the time) that a blog post and line of thinking that He so clearly gave me that Sunday night, He would actually walk me through the process of living out over the next week. But that’s just the kind of God He is. He can’t just tell us sometimes (much of the time), He also has to show us. No matter how strong our faith is, sometimes we have to see Him in action to strengthen our faith a little more.

I’d love to hear how God has shown you things or how confession has made a difference in your life – leave me a comment below.