One thing I don’t do well is nothing. I am not good at just sitting and not doing anything. I can sit and read, sit and knit, sit and do a Sudoku puzzle or two, even occasionally sit and watch TV, but the whole time I am sitting, I am thinking about all the things that I need to be doing – dishes, laundry, bills, cleaning, working, etc. I like to be busy. I like to have “stuff” to do. But for the 4th day in a row, I am once again just sitting on my couch because of some neck and shoulder pain that is keeping me from work. I can’t read for long because it hurts to hold the book and the meds I am on make it hard to concentrate (which means knitting is out, too). And let’s be honest – there’s NOTHING decent to watch on TV during the day (or most evenings for that matter), so I am just sitting. A lot. And it is making  me realize that sometimes I need to just sit. God is using this to teach me what it means to rest, which is something I am not usually very good at. I tend to go and go and go until  I crash, and even then I make myself get back up and go some more.

So rest is what I am learning this week. Rest for my body. Rest for my mind. Rest for my soul. I’ve  spent some time in prayer, which is good, but mostly just quiet rest. Sitting. Listening. Resting.