This holiday is an interesting one for me. Growing up we didn’t have any kind of consistent “tradition” other than specific food items and our immediate family. Sometimes we would have extended family over, sometimes we would have church friends over, and sometimes it would just be the five of us. Whatever it was, it was always a day full of love and fun. When I got engaged, Thanksgiving was THE big holiday for Mike’s family, so we made it our tradition to have Thanksgiving dinner with the Devores at a rented hall in Mulberry Grove. Over the years the numbers have been high and low as various family members travel to different places sometimes, but the Devore Thanksgiving is always a constant. This year, the second year without Mike’s mom and Aunt Lois, there were only a select few in attendance (and no one brought mashed potatoes – a travesty in Mike’s book!), but it was a nice time of visiting and being together, even just the few of us. The afternoon nap upon returning home and just hanging out with Uncle D here at the house while I made party mix has made for a mellow Thanksgiving. But after all the busyness and craziness of the last year or two, I welcome the quietness of this day. The kids are now in bed and as I sit here and reflect, here are a few of the things I am thankful for this year:

  • My wonderful husband and the fact that we are getting closer everyday.
  • My sweet Anne, who is growing up and making me more proud of her all the time.
  • My active Ty, who makes me laugh and smile even while he’s being ornery.
  • My loving parents, who love me and my family unconditionally (and who I miss terribly this time of year!).
  • My sisters – life wouldn’t be the same if I couldn’t share it with them.
  • My nieces and nephews – those sweet voices over the phone made my heart soar today.
  • My brother-in-law, Derek – he is the best Uncle D ever!
  • My brother-in-law, Jeff – I love the fact that he is such a good husband to Steph and dad to the kids.
  • My friends – I couldn’t ask for better ones.

and most of all…

  • My Father God who has given me all these and more and who blesses me daily.

May I remember to be thankful always, and not just on Thanksgiving.