Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Current mood: busy


I’ve recently come to the conclusion that I need more friends to just be silly with. And that the ones I do have that afford me this luxury, for the most part, live entirely too far away (Jenny, Crissy & Darren!). Sometimes I want to have a serious conversation, but sometimes I just want to do absolutely silly stuff and laugh hysterically as we capture it all on film. Yes, I can do this with my children who are 7 and 4, but it isn’t really the same thing.

Sometimes I think that the adult relationships that we make are skewed by the fact that we are all trying to be adults – adults that have it all together. But the fact is we sometimes need to let go and just have a little fun.

One of my favorite times recently was going to see Enchanted with a few of my girlfriends. Now, that was some silly fun, but not nearly enough. We all “grew up” again right afterwards.

(Of course the second half of this problem is finding the TIME to be silly, but that’s another subject altogether!)

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By Stephen Schwartz
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